How to Download Windows 11: 15 Steps with Pictures

Check the option for Customize settings before installation. You can allow Parallels Desktop to install Windows 10 automatically and then upgrade to Windows 11. Alternatively, you can skip the automated process to install Windows 10 and instead install Windows 11 directly. Since you already downloaded the Windows 11 ISO, we’ll go with the second option.

Pressing these three buttons at the same time will capture a still image of the entire screen. The entire screen changes to gray including the open menu. Select Mode, or in earlier versions of Windows, select the arrow next to the New button. Select the kind of snip you want, and then select the area of the screen capture that you want to capture. These three snipping tool shortcuts for the Chromebook make it quick and easy to take screen grabs.

Better virtual desktop support

Microsoft Store will restart once it finds an update for itself. Windows 11 launched last year, and if you’ve already downloaded and installed it, you probably know that the operating system is far from ready. The company continues to add new features and consistency in the design is still lacking. On Windows 10, changing your default browser is easy. Type in “Default apps” into the search bar and click on it. Under the web browser option, you can select your favorite internet crawler, whether it’s Firefox, Brave or Chrome.

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  • Snap Groups are open windows saved in Snap Layouts.
  • If this doesn’t work, you’ll get to use one of the methods below.
  • But, as with any new OS rollout, it’s not going to happen overnight, and many Windows users will be waiting for a while until that magic upgrade notice appears.

A few weeks flew by , and suddenly, I discovered that my newly updated laptop was running Windows 11 (it auto-installs once it discovers there’s enough room). Highlighted by Windows Latest, the Windows 11 update all but removes the Control Panel segment of the OS, as many of its duties now link to a shiny new ‘Settings’ app. One of the utility’s biggest functions, the ability to uninstall programs, will move over to the new settings hub, but the transition isn’t as seamless as you’d think. The issue for some, however, lies in what constitutes a ‘compatible’ CPU to Microsoft. To pass this test, you’ll need a relatively modern CPU, but that’s not always enough.

Microsoft releases Windows 11 preview, available to download now

In the new page, type a name and description about your project Termius accumulates commands from all servers and provides suggestion while you type in the terminal. And Linux to organize, access, and connect to your servers. Field, specify the full path to the desired local folder. For more details, see Configure synchronization with a Web server and Customize upload and download.


Although you’ll need to factor this into the overall cost of the fleet migration. It is by no means a colossal improvement over Windows 10 when it comes to functionality, but it does give you a fresh new look and feel. Microsoft has focused more on the user experience, and implemented a few minor changes here and there.

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